Stories: Children, Communities, Futures

Lynwood Senior High School decided to support one major fundraising project throughout 2009 in an effort to unite and increase the social conscience of students.

The school chose to raise money for ChildFund Australia’s primary school construction in Cambodia. The school, Chouk Meas Primary School, is essential in breaking the poverty cycle in Svay Rieng by providing over 550 children with an opportunity to go to school daily.

Lynwood Senior High School wanted to help children and understood the necessity of providing all children with the opportunity to go to school.

Each year was tasked with creating a fundraising event.

By far the most successful event was the 24hour Indoor Soccerathon which raised just under $5,500. Each student collected sponsorship and played a continuous game of soccer for 24 hours. Shannon Benniston of Year 11 was the most successful in his fundraising as he raised $546 in individual sponsorship.

Students at Lynwood High School who were involved really enjoyed the experience and had a great time whilst raising money to help other children who are less fortunate.