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Welcome Back!

Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

One of the best ways to help a child in the developing world is to give them an education and provide the tools to help them learn. In the ‘Republica de Honduras’ school, classroom blackboards have made a real difference to the quality of education available for children.

Maura, the President of the Parents´ Association of the School, believes the blackboards are a great benefit to her students:

“Our school is poor and all six grades are located in the same classroom. We only had one board and the teachers could not write instructions or the homework for each grade, hence sometimes the other children had nothing to do. Now that we have three boards, each group of children has its own activities, which means that children are kept busy and do not have to wait for the other grades to finish their activities”.

ChildFund works with communities to help them towards self-sufficiency and the distribution of piglets in Guatemala has provided families with an ongoing opportunity to earn a much-needed income. For many families in need, pigs are a precious asset:

“I am happy for the swine project. To me, it is one more way of having my own business for the benefit of my family. It also gives me the opportunity to contribute with my children’s education and I see this project not only as a temporary one but as a permanent one. My husband is also interested in the project and we do not want to forget our pigs because we’re very grateful with the people who make these projects possible.”