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Welcome Back!

Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

When we say goats are a fantastic resource for families in need, we’re not kidding! Thanks to the Donations with a Difference program, 42 year old Jennifer in Zambia now has seven goats which provide over three litres of milk per day for her two children, Yvonne and Maurice.

“The ones (goats) I got have already given me four extras” says Jennifer proudly. “Early next year (2010) I will pass on four she-goats to my neighbour because I know by then the other goat would have given birth to a she-goat.”

As well as providing an ongoing solution to poverty and poor nutrition, Jennifer says the ChildFund program has boosted the self-belief and empowerment of women in the community, which is an important step for improving the lives of children.

Zambia suffers heavily from drought, causing crops to wither and die. Many remote villages can be half a days’ walk from a water source and carrying water to the fields can be back-breaking, exhausting and time-consuming.

ChildFund has constructed ten boreholes in the Chibombo and Kafue districts of Zambia and they have literally changed the lives of communities. The distance covered by children and youths in search of clean water has been greatly reduced and mothers have more time to take care of their children. For school-aged children and youths, there has been a reduction in absenteeism, which is expected to result in increased performance and pass rates.

Mother of six, Grace, says her role has been made much easier by the instalment of the boreholes. “The best way I can say thank-you is to take good care of the boreholes”.