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Should I notify you if I have named ChildFund as a beneficiary in my will?

Leaving a gift in your Will to ChildFund Australia is one of the most thoughtful ways to support the community through a gift for the future. Your gift shows forethought, planning and community commitment. If you let us know that you have left ChildFund a gift in your will, it allows us to properly prepare to receive it, and to plan for the future.

If you decide to leave a gift in your Will to ChildFund Australia, please let us know so we can express our appreciation, record your planned gift, keep you up to date with ChildFund’s work and involve you and your family in relevant special events throughout the year.

If you have already drafted your Will, you can make an amendment by adding a codicil to include a gift in your will. We recommend you seek independent professional advice to ensure that your wishes are expressed correctly.