Giant’s netballer gifts her schoolteacher mum school supplies for Mother’s Day

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(Sydney, Australia).  This Mother’s Day Amy Sligar has selected School Supplies from ChildFund’s Gift’s for Good catalogue, her mum will receive a card from the organisation while a child in a developing nation will receive critical items that will support their everyday schooling. Amy is one of ChildFund’s newest ambassadors, and her mum, a schoolteacher, has instilled in her the valuable role education can play in lifting children out of poverty. This Mother’s Day Amy will give her mum a gift that embodies the life changing values she has learnt from her over the years.

[Click here – Photo of Amy and her Mum]

In disadvantaged communities basic school supplies like pens, pencils and notebooks are too costly and parents simply cannot afford these schooling necessities. Education is the most powerful strategy to reduce poverty, ensuring the next generation of children in developing countries are able to reach their full potential. Increasing the supply of these basic items is essential for their future success.

“Mother’s Day is an extremely special day, it’s a time when we celebrate one of the most important women in our lives and this Mother’s Day, I wanted to give mum something with real meaning,” said Amy. “I think this gift goes beyond materialistic things and really helps someone who needs it. I know this will have real meaning for mum, she’ll love it.”

Amy is studying Biomedical Science at UTS and while she is an exciting athlete on the court she understands the value of a good education.

“Helping children with school supplies and school uniforms is really so important, it not only gives them the tools to get an education it also helps them to feel comfortable and confident in the classroom.”

ChildFund’s Chief Development Officer Corinne Habel is excited to have Amy supporting the organisation’s Mother’s Day campaign and spoke about how these gifts change lives in communities across the world.

“I think one of the most important values that we can instil in our children is to look outside themselves and extend their support to others. For as much as I love a cosy pair of slippers, I’d much rather my family invest in the welfare of a child.”

“It’s really inspiring to see Amy giving her mum the gift of supporting a child’s education. Education has been her mum’s career, and this is a truly meaningful gift, it shows that she has learned from her mum and understands the real value of an education. I can’t think of a better gift or way to celebrate Mother’s Day.”

“Our Gift’s for Good offer a range of products for all mums from new mum support packs, to a dozen chickens, it is  a wonderful opportunity to create real change in the lives of vulnerable children around the world and to honour your mum on Mother’s Day.

For more information on our Gift’s for Good program or to organise a gift for your mother this Mother’s Day head to Gifts for Good page.

ChildFund Alliance is devastated to learn of the brutal attack on staff from World Central Kitchen. This tragic loss of life is both unjustifiable and was entirely preventable. Our deepest condolences go out to their families.

Humanitarian workers play an essential role during a crisis and particularly so in times of war. Right now in Gaza, these workers are focused on ensuring the survival of everyday civilians – children and families – who have no involvement in the conflict being raged around them yet are most vulnerable to its worst impacts.

To date, it is estimated that close to 200 aid staff have been killed including more than 180 UN staff, marking the highest number of UN civilian aid workers killed in any conflict in such a short time since the creation of the organization. Our member WeWorld, which has operated in Palestine since 1992, has been delivering aid since the conflict began, and is deeply concerned about the safety of its own staff as well as the many agencies and workers it partners with.

Dina Taddia, CEO of WeWorld, said: “This attack has no precedent. The World Central Kitchen convoy had been coordinating its movements with the relevant Israeli authorities, as do other humanitarian agencies. Each aid delivery had been communicated in advance, the convoy was travelling in a safe zone, and their vehicle was clearly marked. What this attack means is that any humanitarian activity is Gaza is no longer safe, which could result in a suspension of all activities. This will have a catastrophic impact on the population in Gaza, especially women and children.”

It is absolutely imperative to protect humanitarian workers, as well as the civilian communities they serve. The loss of life in Gaza has now surpassed 32,000, with many thousands more injured. The death toll is largely made up of women and children.

ChildFund Alliance, along with humanitarian organizations and the international community, reiterates our call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Any barriers hindering the delivery of widespread humanitarian aid need to be removed to ensure its safe distribution across Gaza, facilitate unimpeded aid movements, and safeguard the welfare of humanitarian personnel. We urge the relevant parties to step up negotiations, bring this conflict to an end, and prevent any additional, and needless, loss of innocent life.

About ChildFund Alliance
ChildFund Alliance is a global network of 11 child-focused development and humanitarian organizations reaching nearly 36 million children and families in 70 countries. Our members work to end violence and exploitation against children; provide expertise in emergencies to ease the harmful impact on children and their communities; and engage children, families and communities to create lasting change. Our commitment, resources, innovation and expertise serve as a powerful force to help children and families around the world transform their lives.

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