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Welcome Back!

Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

Whether you’re one half of a blossoming romance, or a steadfast single with a best friend to match, the pressure is on to get that perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It’s pretty serious business right?

For those Valentines looking for a more meaningful gift, look no further than our range of Gifts for Good, a great Valentine’s Day charity gift for everyone.

You can even personalise your gift and make it even more memorable for the children in need, as each Gift for Good purchase also comes with the option to send a card, download a pdf you can print at home or even send an ecard with your own personalised message.

1. Donate a furry friend as a Valentine’s Day gift

Animals can make loving companions, but for families living in poverty they can offer so much more. They can help provide a family with nutritious food and provide a source of income.

Consider donating one of these furry friends as your charity gift this Valentine’s Day:

  • Chickens: A dozen chickens provide nutritious eggs for children to eat and additional eggs can be sold at local markets.. 
  • Goats: Goat milk can help children grow up strong, and goat manure can be used as a fertiliser for crops and gardens. 
  • Sheep: Wool can be used to weave textiles for the family, which in turn can be sold at markets. Sheep milk can be turned into cheese and yoghurt, which can help children grow up strong. 

2. Give a child a bright future with an educational gift

Children around the world struggle to remain in school, because their parents can’t afford tuition or they’re forced to drop out to work and support the family.

You and your Valentine can give a child a bright future with these educational gifts:

  • School supplies: Pens, pencils and notebooks are unaffordable for many parents in developing countries. Your generous gift will provide a child what they need for an entire school year. 
  • Scholarship for a student: Giving a scholarship as your Valentine’s Day gift will not only assist a student in need, but will help them develop the confidence to succeed, affecting a cycle of positive change for their community.

3. Charity gifts that keep a child safe and sound

The cold reality for many children overseas is life without comfort, and the threat of preventable diseases. Make your Valentine’s Day gift count with a donation that will keep children safe: 

  • Blankets: Some children sleep on a concrete slab or a hard dirt floor, but a blanket and pillow could keep a child warm and comfortable on a cold winter’s night.
  • Mosquito nets: Mosquito bites are one of the most common ways malaria is transmitted in developing countries. A simple net can protect a child from mosquitos while they sleep.

4. Nutritious food for thought as your charity gift

have a reliable source of food and clean water. You and your loved one can change lives this Valentine’s Day by donating one of these charity gifts to children and families in need:

  • Food for two families for one month: Help families in need by donating a food pack as a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift. Your gift will provide nutritious beans, lentils, cooking oil and other supplies to make ends meet.
  • Three fruit trees and vegetable seeds: As a source of food, additional income and shade, these trees can help give families a fresh start. Seeds will grow into vegetable gardens that provide nutritious food for young children.
  • One handwashing station: Handwashing can slow the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19. But children in many communities lack access to clean water or soap for washing. A handwashing station could help keep children safe and encourage lifelong, lifesaving habits.

Give a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift to your loved one

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all bling and glamour. Give a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift to your loved one, and show them how it only takes one person to change a life any day of the year.

Rugby fan and father-of-two Chris never thought a raffle ticket he bought at a ChildFund fundraising lunch three years ago would lead to an eye-opening and rewarding journey through Vietnam for him and his family.

Chris, his wife Natalie, and their two sons, Harry and Jamie, travelled to Vietnam in October 2022 to see ChildFund Rugby’s sport for development Pass It Back program in action. The Sydney family met and heard from children and rugby coaches, mostly girls and young women, from disadvantaged backgrounds about how the programs had helped to change their lives.

“The program presents a tremendous opportunity for both coaches and players alike,” Chris says. “It was incredibly powerful to see the huge positive impact that ChildFund is having on these disadvantaged communities in Vietnam. Many of the coaches and players come from families who are living on less than 1,000 US dollars a year and the program provides them with life-changing opportunities as paid rugby coaches on the Pass It Back program, and leadership and life skills for the young players.

“What is even more remarkable is that coaches and players, supported by ChildFund, are given the rarest of opportunities to travel overseas and play in international tournaments. It is hard to imagine how incredible that experience must be; coming from small, rural villages and then suddenly being able to travel to other parts of the world to play rugby under the ChildFund program.”

“It was superb to see the program in action and its values and life skills being brought to life during a training session that we were lucky enough to participate in.  What made it even more special was seeing first-hand the passion and joy of all the players and coaches during the session.”

Chris and his partner Natalie, and sons Harry, age 7, and Jamie, age 4, visiting a ChildFund-supported primary school in rural Vietnam.

Chris and his family also visited a primary school where ChildFund and community members had worked together to build toilets and a clean water system for local students. Harry, age 7, and Jamie, age 4, introduced themselves to a class and joined in with games during the lunch break. “The children didn’t speak one another’s languages, but they shared a common language of play and laughter and quickly headed off to the makeshift cubbyhouse in the playground,” Chris says.

Four-year-old Jamie joins in the fun and games with ChildFund Rugby’s sport for development program in Vietnam. “I can’t think of anything more rewarding than giving my kids the experiences they got from the trip,” his father, Chris, says.

It was Harry and Jamie’s first time in Vietnam and visiting developing communities. Adapting to a new cuisine was sometimes challenging but the boys welcomed most of their experiences in Vietnam with a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. 

“I can’t think of anything more rewarding than giving my kids the experiences they got from the trip,” Chris says. “We wanted to give Harry and Jamie a perspective that was different to their privileged and comparatively sheltered life on the beaches of Sydney and to help them develop an appreciation of what they have and a greater perspective on life.”

“Now that we’re back in Australia, we reflect on these things almost daily.”

The trip has inspired Chris and his family to continue giving back and supporting children in need. “We have been asking ourselves how we can do more work with charities that are really making a positive impact like ChildFund,” Chris says.

They are already planning their next trip with a focus on how they can visit another ChildFund community again, roll up their sleeves and make a positive contribution.

“I’m so grateful that it was my family that was given the opportunity to spend time with so many of the inspirational ChildFund team members and the amazing children who benefit from the program every day,” Chris says. “For the whole family it was an eye-opening experience, especially for the kids, and has only inspired us all to do more and continue to pass it back.”

Chris and his sons experiencing ChildFund Rugby’s Pass It Back program first-hand with a game of tag rugby. “The program presents a tremendous opportunity for both coaches and players alike,” Chris says.